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Precisely 23 years ago on 21st May, I was standing in front of Capt. G S Salariya PVC in the Chail Military School assembly ground. It was a mixed feeling of joining the most prestigious school in the ‘fauji regiment’ environment we lived in, as well as entering the unknown world at the age of 11. No promises were made, no silver lining was presented but yes it was a Grand dinner (the first meal). For the next seven years, went through excellent, good, bad and very bad experiences. All those experiences taught me a lot, and formed a formal bond with known (1991-1998 era Georgians) and unknowns (1920s to present day Georgians).

When our friends back home were sleeping on their pillows, we were stealing apples using pillow covers; when they were waiting for bed tea, we were running around the highest cricket ground in the world; when they were opening lunch boxes packed by mothers, we were eating Ramuji/ Bihari ji/ Mamraj ji’s cooked/fried dishes of unknown names; when they were being dropped by their parents or taxis to schools, we were running in squads or marching along with our housemates, and finally when they were watching Param veer chakra on TV we were saluting 'the dude Capt. Salariya’ every day before ‘tham and line tod’.

Today everyone has moved on, everyone is doing the best in their life but somewhere in our hearts we miss those golden years. We miss tarkana, ragda, paadna, COC, raid, movies, chai-mathi, fried Maggi of Mamraj and so on. Thank you “Chail Military School” for sculpturing tomorrow’s citizens throughout the world. We have made lifelong brotherhood with ‘known’ and ‘unknowns’. Thank you to our excellent teachers for teaching, and staff for taking care of us.

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