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To all Georgians

Dear Georgians,

Your own Georgian Association has largely been funded by contribution from fellow Georgians.  Great changes in the School infrastructure has been brought about by dedicated Georgians from India and abroad, who are in a position to direct policies and funds for the school’s requirement.  To our prestige we have very senior officers posted in the forces to carry on the good work.

However, there is a paucity of funds for non-budget able expenditure like additional training for cadets in NDA, preparing for competitive and board exams, adventure sports, fees for needy students and sundry day to day expenditure.

We are all aware that all over India there are specialist organizations, drilling / grilling children to top various competitive exams especially the UPSC and NDA.  While our boys certainly better at physicals in the SSB, they lack skills in the presentation, interviews and especially English Language, diction and speech skills. Our cadets are now regularly trained at Chandigarh and this has improved our results by leaps and bounds but we are far from 100% mark.

We are all aware that in the last few years boys leave the school after the X Std to get better training out side in their XI and XII to qualify for the various competitive exams including NDA.

This would not be happening if the parents were sure that their wards were getting much better attention at the School, than what they can provide. 

There is also the need to build a corpus fund to ensure sufficient funds from Bank Interest so the yearly budget of the Georgian association can be met without continuously sourcing donations.

It has been a tradition for all Senior and Junior Georgians to contribute their mite for the good cause.  

May I kindly request you all to once again show this magnanimous gesture this year and kindly send in your contributions by demand draft / cheques (preferably at par) in favour of ‘GEORGIAN ASSOCIATION  NORTH” .  You are welcome to contact us by mail or any Committee Member for any help and suggestions.

You can contribute any amount according to your wish but it is appropriate if we can define the average limit.

From India

Rs 100 per month or Rs 1200 pa

From Abroad

$ 15 per month or $180 pa

It is not too much and is equal to a cup of coffee at cafe day or a burger or fish and chips in abroad. We also encourage batch wise contributions to increase the participation.

In addition to funding we also request you to visit school and meet the Georgians. Show them the path to success and guide them for sky. Send your details to principal and also write to school on important occasions.


A Georgian

You may send your contributions 

1. By Demand Draft to Georgian Association North Chail account to Lt Col Rajan Kadian #1538 Sec 33 D Chandigarh India.

2. Direct deposit

A/C No 2448101004354
SCO 367, SECTOR 32-D


2. Contact G A North by email georgiansnorth@gmail.com

3. Contact in US and Canada chail.military.school@gmail.com

4. We are looking for Georgians in UK, Europe, USA, India, Australia and other parts of the globe to be our flag bearers and volunteers. Please email us at chail.military.school@gmail.com